Chiesa Piantrano

South of the road the land drops steeply into a valley, rising in the distance to a ridge topped with Cypress trees. Access to the house from the white road is by a drive which sweeps north and then west around to the back of the house. Additional parking is available at a bay adjacent to the gates.

The north side of the house has ample parking space and spectacular  views of rolling hills with ancient oak woodland and olive groves. Wild boar, porcupines and deer roam freely and during Autumn wild mushrooms and truffles proliferate. To the east, the skyline is dominated by the medieval village of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina and more woodland. South of the property (viewed from the front of the main house and church), an extensive lawn sweeps around the east side of the church and borders the white road which continues for several miles to the west providing access to small number of private properties.

Chiesa Piantrano is situated just below the summit of a hill to its west at a height of 600m. The gentle slope meets the property boundary at a tall rockery which shelters the pool terrace. Between the side of the main house and this terrace is a patio paved in local stone with a pergola at its north end and an al fresco dining area adjacent to the kitchen. The stone paving continues around the south and east sides of the property.  

Local architects, builders and stonemasons were used during the restoration of the house and church to preserve as much of the original building as possible. Under layers of decaying paint, original chestnut beams and terracotta ceiling tiles were found and treated. Original wall painting was also uncovered and has been left exposed to allow guests to appreciate the work of local artisans and the history of the building.


Chiesa Piantrano was a working Roman Catholic church serving the surrounding rural area for hundreds of years until the 1980s when it fell into disuse and disrepair. It had been little used until it was acquired by its present owner in 2010.

In common with many rural churches in this area Chiesa Piantrano is built on a prominence, dominating the countryside farmed by its congregation. Historically, it also provided an excellent observation post for axis soldiers during the second world war. Scars from mortar damage incurred during the liberation of this area by the allies can still be seen on the front (left side) of the church and around the windows of the house.