Ristorante Oscari is located at the centre of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina - Via Roma 25 (down a stone staircase and adjacent to a narrow winding side street).

Tel: 075-8571023

Ristorante Oscari - no stay at Chiesa Piantrano is complete without at least one visit to this wonderful and friendly restaurant. The terrace has beautiful panoramic views of the local countryside and the pasta with truffles is a recognised local speciality. There is also a well-stocked shop which remains open with the restaurant. This recent review on tripadvisor says it all:

“Excellent as usual!”

5 Stars     Reviewed 22 August 2013

This restaurant has been run by the Oscari family for years, for a very short period they had a young guy run the show but people were not so happy and the Oscari decided to postpone their retirement. Valentina's dishes are all delicious especially the Chicche al Tartufo a sort of tortellino with local truffle sauce. Truffle are also in the Antipasti and some other dishes, you have to try them if you haven't yet, depending on the season they might have the black scorcion, the black dolce or the white bianchetto or the white trifola (the best but only grows from November to January). The all staff is very friendly. But the best of all is the view, if you go at sunset and ask for a table outside, take a bottle of the delicious prosecco as aperitivo and enjoy the "panorama" before even ordering your dinner. The restaurant is also a bar and groceries store for the village so you'll aslo see locals passing by and observe who's eating at Oscari for that night, many famous people have enjoyed the charm of this beautiful place.

Monte santa maria tiberina - EATING

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina - view from Ristorante Oscari terrace looking west

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina - view looking east

In 1859 it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. It is surrounded largely by forests of chestnut trees which dominate the valleys of Umbria and Tuscany. The mild climate gives this corner of Umbria  a lush and fertile appearance. The municipality, on the hillside, is mostly covered with splendid pine forests and vast pastures tracked by numerous marked trails that are perfect for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking all year round. Walking, you will frequently encounter fallow deer, roe deer, squirrels and see the impressive flight of kestrels and buzzards. The soil is rich in herbaceous species and shrubs and in the undergrowth you can find many species of fungi, especially the mushroom and the famous black truffle of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. The countryside's economy is mainly based on   agriculture particularly the growing of olives and grapes and breeding cattle, sheep and goats. 

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina has ancient origins. Historically it was an Etruscan village located to the right of the Tiber in an ideal location for trade with the neighbouring Umbria. It is located in a charming panoramic position from where you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the entire valley. From the eleventh century it was a fief of the Marquises of Mount, descendants of the Marquis del Colle, who came to Italy in the wake of the Franks. The Franks conquered much of the Upper Tiber Valley, building fortresses and castles in different strategic points. After the destruction of the castle took place in 1198, due to disagreements with Pope Innocent III, the Marquis rebuilt it. The Marquis was ruled by the descendants of the various branches of the family until 1815 when the Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany took possession.

Monte santa maria tiberina


Chiesa Piantrano

The Ristorante Pizzeria Il Poggio (The Hill) nestles at the foot of the hill leading to Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is only a 4 minute drive from Chiesa Piantrano. The cuisine is typical Umbrian with local dishes, prepared with natural ingredients bought from local producers such as meats, cheese, truffles and mushrooms. Among the specialties are roast pork and pizzas cooked on a wood stove. The Ristorante Pizzeria Il Poggio is located in Via San Pietro 10 at the crossroad.

Tel: 075-8571034

This recent review on tripadvisor gives further information about Il Poggio:

“Delicious pizzas and playground”

4 Stars    Reviewed 17 July 2013

​We have been going to ill Poggio for around 5 years and have never had a bad pizza be it takeaway or sit in.The restaurant sits at the base of monte santa maria tiberina and has a large dining area and small bar and outside a playground for youngsters.The service is very good with Fabio and his family looking after you and a well set out menu ,my personal favourite is the perugina with courgettes.The Porchetta is delicious too. Enjoy     Visited July 2013